How to start Affiliate Marketing

 How to start Affiliate Marketing

How to start Affiliate Marketing



                       Today in this article I will be telling you about affiliate marketing. Today in this I would cover four things.

What is affiliate marketing?

How does it work?

How much time and money you need to start affiliate marketing?

What is the right way to start?

What is affiliate marketing?

                                              Affiliate marketing is when you promote products of other merchant or company with own website if anyone buy something through promotion link so in this sale you get some percent commission which will be your earning. Today as  many as companies they all run affiliate marketing programs to increase their sale which are amazon, flipkart etc many companies have their own affiliate marketing programs. For affiliate marketing you don’t need a special degree neither coding nor need to learn programming language you just need have to learn it practice it and get experience after experience you understand that how to do and how to earn money from this.

How does affiliate marketing work?

         Affiliate marketing is a four steps process.

Step.1: Join the affiliate marketing program.

Step.2:Pick the right product. IN this you have be careful consider choosing the product whose price range is more and which are buy by more people mean which are use in daily purpose or those products whose search volume and purchase volume is the more.

Step.3: Share the promotion link. The merchant site or company site give special shareable link or promotion link  that promotion link you will have to share on your YouTube website, Pinterest, Facebook.

Step.4:You earn on your promotion link. The link you had share through that promotion link anyone will buy anything so you get some percentage of commission in that sale. For example when you read article of anything and that you want to buy so they have link of buy now you have to click this and go to amazon if they are link with amazon or other company so if anyone buy that thing you will get the commission because you go to amazon for buyAcua through link which is yours that commission is your earning and that is affiliate marketing.

How much you can earn through affiliate marketing?

                  Actually there is no limit. Most people earn much more through this program and most people do affiliate marketing through website. If you learn affiliate marketing and do some investment in it then within 3 to 5 months you will earn minimum around 1000$ per month. This again depends on lots of facts like what’s your niche? how your rank going good? what affiliate marketing you choose? What’s your target audience? And how you do product selection? In short your earning will depend on many things.

How to start affiliate marketing?

                    For starting affiliate marketing the first step is choosing a platform mean you had to choose merchant website ecommerce website or such company for which you will do affiliate marketing. Today’s popular affiliate marketing programs are flipkart ,amazon , shareAsale , digistore, commission junction etc these all are genuine and are very popular but if you are the beginner affiliate marketer then I would suggest that go with the amazon affiliate program because there is alot of products to choose and around 70% of population from all over the world such as Pakistan , India , US they all buy through this platform and third reason is amazon commission rate is very good which is up to 12%.After choosing the platform you have to learn that how to promote that products the easiest way to promote products is to create a website.

Create affiliate website:

                                     You will have to make personal website or blog which is on particular niche or particular category like they are home appliances, electronic products, laptops, smartphones etc you have to choose a particular niche. If you want to do affiliate marketing for Pakistan then I would suggest you to choose electronics or smartphone for affiliate marketing because sale in both are most and most people buy electronics through amazon and in this margin are more because they are high cost products. After making of website and choosing niche you have to write amazon affiliate content if you don’t know how to write SEO friendly amazon content then go to this link


You had made website, choose category and put content now you have to rank your website in google. For ranking you will have to SE optimize your website and along you will have to do link building. Along with ranking and link building you have to promote your website through qoura ,fb and email marketing .You have try to more traffic on your website you have to do a lot of things. When there will more traffic start on your website and people will start buying then you will earn money. In short the more traffic on your website the more will be money. Now apart from affiliate marketing you have to start

 Affiliate marketing on YouTube:

               For this you have to make a channel which will related to niche such as on your fashion ,on your products reviews, on your home appliances or will on your gardening etc you have to put link in description box of your products when someone buy something through your link that is affiliate marketing through YouTube but you have to choose such niche which is not competitor like in technical there is more competition so you have to choose such niche in which there is no competition.

Affiliate marketing through Instagram:

                  On Instagram you also do affiliate marketing but on Instagram increasing followers is very difficult and you don’t put affiliate link on every post you have to put link only in bio.

Affiliate marketing through Facebook:

                Through Facebook you also do affiliate marketing. Most people have their own Facebook page if your followers are good on Facebook so start affiliate marketing there but if followers are not good so make your page on Facebook ,  choose niche and according to your product selection put content on Facebook in the form of posts , short videos etc put various content and promote amazon affiliate link.


Do hardworking and you will a get a benefit in few months.


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