How to Earn money online as student

How to Earn money online as student


How to Earn money online as student


                      In this article I will be telling you about how to make money online as a student.Anyone who find way to make money online so this is the right way.In this way you have just make 30s videos and you make money around 800 to 2000Rs depending on what kind of quality video you make this work is very easy you can do this on your cellphone, computer and laptop.

What kind of video you have to create?

Where you have to create such videos?

Where you will get such kind of work?

What kind of video you have to create?                                                                              Basically they can be your Instagram reels, YouTube short videos or 15 to 20s ads which you watch when you go particular YouTube videos or they can also be Facebook or Instagram ads. These are short form content which you have to made.

Short form content are two types.

Faceless videos:

                           Where you have to made graphics , animation, text which have music from back side that kind of video you have to made. Or other type of videos you have to edit videos of other channel with your speech like in one video with your face video speech on other video small screen adjust and share that’s have no copyright strike.

Face content:

                       Face content are face videos where someone speak something and have editing, music etc  from back side. Or edit other video with your screen and speech.

Where you have to create such videos?:

                       If you go to canva then they have many  templates and already existing videos where you put images , elements ,text to recreate new video. After all invideo is that app where you made these short videos very easily. Otherwise if you talk about phone then many applications had come in phone like inshot for making videos very easily.

Where you will get such kind of work?:

               For finding work like this the best place is fiver because here you have get genuine clients and foreign clients so pay out is more.If you go on fiver their you have to go video and animation in this new category had launched whose name is social media videos in this competition is very low because this launched now.If we talk about competition then all over the world only 6000 above people provide this service.You made 857Rs of 15s video.You create quality video so then increase your pay out so this is yet another amazing way to make money online as a student or anybody who want a side income.Not only this if you learn these short videos so there are many businesses , influencers , creators on YouTube , Instagram who want these people who made 30s videos so you can always contact them and work for them.


There are more free application which water Mark are deleted easily use that for your work or images.

Application Capcut, Inshot, Canva


                    Short videos are very easy work to do to make money online as a student if you have quality content and short form videos hardly take 5 minutes and if more difficult then take 30minutes to create but if you have already good content then it take less time to create .

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