Can I use universal charger for my laptop

 Can I use universal charger for my laptop

Can I use universal charger for my laptop


In this article we are going to discuss about laptop charger that what is a laptop charger ? And specification of charger and sometime if your laptop charger burnt and you want to change then what we have to do for that or can I use universal charger for my laptop ?

Here we are answer your all questions please about

Why our laptops battery work for some time like one year or two years and Day by day life of batteries come down and also the day come we on our laptops only with charger when electricity available that’s why ? That’s because we keep our laptop on that place where there’s no air go to laptop processor. Mostly use our laptops in our bed and keep in blankets then processor heat up and there ic with battery that forward charge to your laptop that’s burnt laptop battery is ok and working good but we know battery dead and not working.

And sometime our laptop charger burnt then what we do

When our laptop charger burnt and do not work Then what we do replace our charger with which one and how we know that new charger good for our laptop battery and work good or not good for our laptop.

Can I use universal charger for my laptop

You have to use charger of same speciation and same quality for your laptop yes use universal charger if same specifications.

Go-to to shop and check with your burnt charger output voltage and current specifications and change with new one because some laptop charger output voltage 12 volt and 3 ampere

And some of that 19 volt and 3 ampere and also different varieties then you have to check first.

How to replace my laptop charger if burnt

First we have know reason why our laptop charger burnt thig big reason is voltage up and down in which countries there are electricity problem and voltage is not proper work like sometime electric voltage 220 sometime 250 or some time 150 that is big problem of burning of electrical appliances because up down of voltage is inversely proportional to electric current and then also current up down and our charger and led lights, mobile charger burnt because of imbalance electricity.

If you’r laptop charger burnt and not working how to replace with new one there are some necessary thing you have to check charger specifications like out put voltage of your laptop burnt charger and also check out put current of your laptop charger and then check charging jack and if same then replace with that.

Why use same charger

We have to buy new charger with same speciation of burnt charger because if our laptop burnt charger output voltage is 12 volt dc and output current 2 ampere and then we buy new charger and output of new charger is 12 volt and 1 ampere or less then if original charger fully charge our laptop battery in two hours then that new one will charge in 4 or 5 hours because of less current and if we buy a charger which voltage and current high than original charger then new charger work good than original but damage our battery life because of more current and then one day we have to replace our battery also therefore first check that.

Charger specifications 

Output voltage 19.5 v DC and current 3.33 Ampere and check pin or jack inside positive outside negative 

Can I use universal charger for my laptop


Laptop is more important thing for our office and homework therefore if we don’t know about charger then ask from someone other about that and replace charger with same.


Can I use universal charger for my laptop?

Here we have to answer all of your questions please ask definitely.

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