Online proofreading jobs

 ·     Online proofreading jobs

Online proofreading jobs

·     Introduction:

§  In this article about will you about  proofreading jobs. Are you  someone who has a habit of finding mistakes in a magazines or in a website and are you someone who always pin point others when they are talking in English if yes then this article is for you.In this I will tell you about

·    What are proofreading jobs?

·    Qualifications required for proofreaders?

·    Best places to find proofreading jobs

·    What is proofreading?

·     Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in the text before it is published or shared. In proofreading you check spellings , punctuations , grammatical errors and other inconsistencies  in the right up. In short you only make minor changes in the right up .Now you are thinking that proofreading and editing are same things but let me tell you it  not In editing you can change the entire structure of the article, the entire concept of the article, the entire ideas of the article and also the language, Lines and paragraphs in the article that means you do major changes while you do editing but on the other hand in proofreading you have to do only minor changes you cannot change the lines , you cannot change the concepts, you cannot change the structures but only you can change grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. You have to do proofreading of eBooks, research papers, white papers, official documents, books and of many biographies. You have to proofreading in major publish content generally for website people not search proofreaders .People required proofreaders for own official documents.

·     Qualifications:

§  As such there is no degree required for being a proofreader but candidates with humanity and English background are preferred. The main thing that you required for being a proofreader is good clear of English .Your English should be of super level then you can become a proofreader.

·    Income of a proofreader:

·     The income of beginner proofreader is 10$ to 50$ for proofreading 2000 words article. The income scale of proofreader obviously increases with the experience so the income scale of experienced proofreader is more then this but on the other hand if you get client who are abroad and foreign they will pay you around 40$ of 2000 words article for a beginner so try this that if you want to do proofreading jobs so you should get foreign clients foreign clients easily get if your English is good and you know the right work.

·    Places to find a proofreading jobs:

o  The first place to find job are:




4.Freelancers websites

·     LinkedIn:

o  On LinkedIn many genuine companies post jobs of proofreading and in these more are remote work from home job.

·     Google:

·     The second place to find job is google. Do google for proofreading jobs in Pakistan many jobs comes. In these jobs many are full time jobs some are part time and some are  remote work from home jobs. For full time jobs you can call the each her  if they understand that you are somebody good at job then he or she might let you work from home.

·    Proofreading

·     On this only proofreading clients post  requirements. If you would want a high paying proofreading clients then you go on this website but the only limitations is  you get clients when you will pass 20 minutes test to check your credibly that you will proofreading expert or not and I am very certain if your English is good then you can pass this test very easily. Do try proofreading service. If you want passive income through high quality proofreading job.

·     Freelancers websites:

The last is other freelancer websites which are fiver,,flex jobs,guro etc on all these also post proofreading jobs if you get job here then you can do that also.


                      So if would feel you have a good command in English then you have give this proofreading jobs  a try. On proofreading you can do good passive income. In start you have difficulty in finding a job but if you find client and they like your then you earn a passive income through proofreading.


How to find jobs of proofreading?

What is proofreading?

What is the qualifications required for proofreading jobs?

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