How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos

Nowadays there are more online jobs for earnings money people learn every type of skills.therefore if someone want to do online job and earn money then learn skills that's easy if someone want to learn video editing for that there are more applications to learn like adobe illustrator or some other but if you want to learn easy application then you have to install and learn capcut.


Capcut is good and easy to learn and do job for video editing on fiver,upwork and other apps.

Capcut have new features like change sound remove background or cut any type of video change color light any type of change is easy to do in capcut.

Nowadays people are making a short video channel on YouTube.If you make Short video channel and want to edit videos for that then capcut is good and easy for that.

Capcut have new features 


Today is modern age and people share pictures, videos, and thoughts on social media(YouTube, tiktok, Instagram etc) to earn money and for entertainment.So share pictures, videos, and thoughts in a good way to edit it in good manner.

So for this capcut is good and easy app for editing.

How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos with new features

How to edit videos with new features


             Capcut is app where we edit video and  edit video from pictures which we capture and keep together in one video for easily store or for enjoyment to keep memories.


                               We edit video on which we capture on camera to delete bad clips and add good clips to watch for entertainment.

How we start editing:

First in capcut we select project.In project select video or pictures that video which you want to edit or that pictures which you want to make video of that pictures.

After selection a project you start editing.


                  In editing you can crop the video to take good clips from video, split video, increase or decrease volume, edit speed of video, get animation in video remove background, change filter of video etc.


                             Add cool effects to video to increase its beauty.


                         You also overlay pictures and videos.


                 Add stickers to video,animated stickers and also add text to video for explanation or entertainment.


                          Add music to video which is in your phone or sounds present in capcut app which is pop sounds, travel sounds, vloging soundsand also you extract audio from you video you have in your in phone which you like.


                       Capcut also have trendy filter to highlight the clips in video.


                                   Capcut have ability to change background which we capture in video which we don't like so we cal change it.


                    You can also add voice over to video of your own voice.

capcut is an EASY and GOOD editing app to edit video or make video from pictures.

How to delete ending capcut logo

If you want to delete ending capcut logo thats easy just click on that and delete easily. 

If you want to convert video to short video then click on format and chage display to 9;16 short video to 1 minute or less.

Download capcut

If you want to download capcut then go to Google play store and install from there.
Capcut work if you have internet not working offline.

             ☺BEST OF LUCK😍

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