How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)

 How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)

How to secure your data in mobile

Here we are discussing in this article about how to secure our pictures, video, files, etc. all data from someone. Some of the time there are our family pictures or videos in our mobile device or our personal documents and someone want mobile for use or internet then we have to secure our that from that how to safe from someone else for that now using more software’s to safe our data.
 In new android device’s (version android 8.0 or up) in file manager there are a safe folder for to secure data from someone else. That provide new features some information about that
  • If we install application that not  moved to the Safe folder.
  • There are files in the Safe folder not  appear in search categories.
  • There are files in the Safe folder not  be open by other apps.
  • The option of "Share" and "Back up data to Google Drive" not available in the Safe folder.
  • The screen shots of the Safe folder can’t be taken.
Important in this safe folder you have to gave password pin or pattern if you forget your password you can’t access to your files.
In other software if you install from Google play store there some options  if you forget your password easy to access your data like app lock, calculator lock more software are available in play store.
Here we are discussing about App lock application.

App Lock

Mean your privacy, pictures, videos,apps that you hide or Secure from someone to not see in your Mobile (cell phone) while using Mobile.

So it is very easy to hide or Secure your privacy in mobile.

That easy trick or easy way to hide or protect from someone is APP LOCK.

First way to learn how to find and where you find it.

Install it (app lock) from play store (the app where any app you need to install any game you have find it in this platform).

When you installed it then it work very well in your Mobile.

It protect your apps, pictures and videos by lock it.


It lock your apps in which your privacy is present.


It lock your pictures that which you want to hide. It doesn't hide it by self but you hide it and protect it in app lock.


This platform have ability to lock your videos not by self but u choose it and hide or protect it.


It have also ability to lock files and APKs that one which you choose to hide it.


It protect your data from virus and give notification to clean it.


App have multiple lock style pin, pattern, fingerprint that you like you have to set it.


The app will catch your intruder whose try to open your privacy or check your privacy and take picture of that someone. Its the main, important and the point which I like most.


It have ability to apply cover of finger print to improve security.

Apart from this protection it also Secure your Mobile (cell phone) from virus, boost , clean and cool it and give notification to clean, cool and boost.

It also have private browser.

So as a result you have to install it and protect or hide your data, app, pictures, videos, files and APKs in a good way.

How to add pictures, video's or files in App lock just follow 

1. Open App lock by password or pattern

2. Now select vault option written there.

3. If you want to safe picture, video or file click on that in new window there are + button click on that and select picture from your gallery and safe that.

How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)

                               How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)

How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)


                                            How To Secure Your Data In Mobile(cell phone)

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