Accessing and downloading facebook information

Accessing and downloading facebook information

Accessing and downloading facebook information
Accessing and downloading facebook information

Accessing and downloading Facebook information?????

Here we are to discuss Access and Download our Facebook information.

That’s all about our Facebook account if you want to download Facebook provided us service and downloads our information as a file.

Facebook gave us here more options like data access, delete and deactivate the account, account access troubleshooting, account ownership.

How to download Facebook information

Here is how we recover all about Facebook.

Forgotten Facebook password or id problem.

Just go to Google and Write Accessing and downloading Facebook information.

In the opening, the first page in Google will open the Facebook page of Access and Download. After opening then clicks on that then every information you want to download click on that.

We have that's four options. We have to click any one of them.
If we want about data the click on data access.
Problems about account then click on account access troubleshooting.
If you want to delete the account or deactivate then click on deactivation and deletion.
If information about the owner then clicks on account ownership.
You to provide real information about your Facebook id.
You to provide your password old use not new then Facebook will provide you everything.

There are more options on this page but if we click on Data Access then Facebook will give us more options but we have to click on I want to download my information.

You download a copy of your information is an HTML file that easily opens using the Download your information tool provided by Facebook.

From The Download your Information tool

Go to the new file button

Select the date range up to which you want information

Select quality and format of file

Select type of the information which you want

Then click on create file

Downloading your information is secured only owners have permission to initiate and enter with his password to his Facebook account.

When you create your information file this will be available for few days. And contain sensitive information you have to secure and take precautions to store or uploading or downloading.

Also here are more options available about your Facebook to change password or more or to create new Facebook account.

Also here available your Facebook activity like your time on Facebook you watch history or your shared posts and your comments.

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